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  • 'By the sea' Music Festival ('Plai sto kima')

On the top of the cultural events organized by the district of Keramoti, 'plai sto kima' music festival takes place every July on its beaches. Since the first event back in 2000, most of the greatest names in the Greek music scene have performed in the festival.

Photos of various artists' old performances


  •  Fair of Keramoti

The annual fair of Keramoti held annually in the early of August and culminates on the 6th, day of the feast of the village (Transfiguration of Christ). It has been established as a local institution that attracts the attention of the entire region. It is regarded as a very important cultural and social event.

  •   'Cosmopolis'

Each year, between July and August takes place the ethnic festival 'cosmopolis' in the city of Kavala. Each year is dedicated to a different part of the world, from where invited musical and dance groups to present their work and the tradition of their place.

Ethnic dance groups


  •   St. Gregory of New Karvali

New Karvali of Kavala is a continuation of Kappadocian Karvali (Gkerveli). The place was marked by the presence of St. Gregory the Theologian, one of the greatest Fathers of the Orthodox Church. Within the glorious temple of the town lies the sacred shrine, where the relics of the saint are kept as a treasure. The relics were brought with high reverence and care by the uprooted Gkerveli ancestors from the Asia Minor. On January 24 (the eve of the feast) sung the Great Vespers which is followed by a vigil. At the day of the celebration, it is performed a Great Fully Episcopal Divine Liturgy and soon becomes the procession of the Holy venerable Lodge at the main streets of New Karvali. As part of the celebration of St. Gregory, is taking place a fair. Besides, the hand made sugared buns (kourabiedes) of the region are worthy of reference, and should be tested by every visitor.

Photos of the celebration of St. Gregory


  •   Philippi - Thassos Festival

The Philippi-Thasos festival was jointly organized for the first time in the summer of 2011. The Philippian festival, followed by that of Thasos, is possibly the most important and historic cultural event in the wider area. It takes place every summer in the months of July and August. It includes theater, music events, film projections as well as several other happenings. The theatrical performances set on the ancient theaters of Philippi and Thasos constitute the most significant moments of the entire festival.

Moments of past events


  •  Carnival of Xanthi

The carnival of Xanthi is undoubtedly the biggest cultural event in the region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. It is also the second largest carnival in the country after that of Patra. Many folk carnival parades, concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions, various other events of varying types, other parallel events such as book launches, seminars, etc. as well as folklore events are taking place during the celebrations. The events are starting at the mid of  February. They last about three weeks and finishes with the big carnival parade on the last day.

The big parade


  •   Old Town Festival of Xanthi

The Old Town festival of Xanthi is the second most known festive institution in Xanthi after the Carnival. Taking place at the beginning of Fall every year since 1991, it includes traditional music and dance events, as well as several music concerts of both famous and local artists, theater, shows, and other happenings.

Highlights of the festivities


  •   'Eleftheria' of Chrysoupolis

Chrysoupolis annexed to Greece on July 11, 1913. The release of the city is celebrated annually with the conduction of a five-day festival (usually), which has many strong cultural elements of the region. At these festivals take place almost all the cultural associations of the municipality as well as many hosted clubs from other areas. Classic greek fast food and local wine can guarantee fun for all attendees.