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  •   St. Gregory of New Karvali

New Karvali of Kavala is a continuation of Kappadocian Karvali (Gkerveli). The place was marked by the presence of St. Gregory the Theologian, one of the greatest Fathers of the Orthodox Church. Within the glorious temple of the town lies the sacred shrine, where the relics of the saint are kept as a treasure. The relics were brought with high reverence and care by the uprooted Gkerveli ancestors from the Asia Minor. On January 24 (the eve of the feast) sung the Great Vespers which is followed by a vigil. At the day of the celebration, it is performed a Great Fully Episcopal Divine Liturgy and soon becomes the procession of the Holy venerable Lodge at the main streets of New Karvali. As part of the celebration of St. Gregory, is taking place a fair. Besides, the hand made sugared buns (kourabiedes) of the region are worthy of reference, and should be tested by every visitor.

Photos of the celebration of St. Gregory